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    The role of the planning schemes in supporting physical activity and healthy eating may not have been fully appreciated by planners and local government until recently.

    Planning scheme tools provides draft Strategic Outcomes and planning scheme codes. The Strategic Outcomes can be implemented into local government planning schemes to assist in achieving the objectives of healthy people and places. The codes have been documented as individual elements to allow council to select ones that suit the local government area. Each can be easily incorporated or adapted into existing codes in a planning scheme.

    These changes to planning schemes can be made up front, in a similar way that sustainability principles and climate responsive principles have now been included in many schemes.

    Each planning scheme is different and, in addition to the codes presented in this section, it is recommended that a review of other codes be undertaken. This review should ensure the planning scheme as a whole supports healthy people and places.

    All elements of this part are optional and may be partially or fully implemented, or amended to suit local conditions.

    The codes have been drafted with all the information relevant to the planning aspect provided first (such as having hot water taps in breastfeeding facilities or bicycle repair kits in bicycle parking areas).

    Depending on the structure of the planning scheme and how it is implemented, some elements of the codes may be deleted or removed and incorporated into a user guide or Planning Scheme Policy.

    Where relevant, each code also contains information on where other councils are using a similar code. This is intended to provide a point of contact with a council that can provide comments on how the code is being implemented.