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  • Community and Corporate Plan tools suggest goals and objectives to incorporate supportive environments for healthy living into council planning and policy. It recognises that providing healthy places helps people to be healthy. Objectives and further strategies are provided to assist councils with implementation of the suggested goals. These objectives and strategies are offered as examples of items council can implement. However, it is not necessary to implement all of the objectives and strategies documented to achieve the goals.
    This resource package recognises that councils in Queensland range in size and have different resources, budgets and policy needs. Selecting one or more objectives and strategies from this resource, to compliment council’s existing programs, should help council to achieve the goals.

    Deciding to act to create supportive environments for healthy living does not mean council has to be solely responsible for managing or funding the solution. Options extend beyond the traditional council roles of provider, facilitator, regulator and advocator. As a leader in the community, council also has roles in raising questions and issues, lobbying and supporting other interest groups or service providers to achieve goals.

    Positively influencing healthy living requires a set of objectives and strategies that work in cooperation with one another, rather than a single objective or strategy on its own. Research has shown that coordinated and comprehensive approaches to healthy living that involve a range of activities are more effective and sustainable then once-off activities.

    Operations plans tools section of this resource provides supporting information to help achieve each goal and objective.