Sun Safety in the workplace

Workplaces provide an ideal environment for supporting healthy lifestyle practices. Many workplaces already engage in activities to promote physical activity and healthy eating. It is important that Queensland workplaces make sun safety a priority, particularly for employees who spend time working in outdoor environments. Outdoor workers are at a high risk of developing skin cancer; […]

Community-supported local food systems and agriculture in operation plans

Community-supported local food systems and community-supported agriculture (that is, food co-operatives, community and school gardens, farmers’ markets, edible landscapes, city farms) can create supportive environments for healthy eating and physical activity. Gardening is recognised as a way to improve physical and mental health, nutritional status of communities, and capacity building within communities.  How to develop […]

Physical activity plan

A physical activity plan can form the overriding planning document for council to coordinate and implement actions to increase physical activity. It is also useful in identifying all relevant sections of council with a role in achieving these objectives. This section provides information on steps involved in developing and implementing a physical activity plan. It […]

Active and healthy lifestyle programs

Active and healthy lifestyle programs can be as basic as promoting council’s existing parks and facilities by running physical activity programs to encourage more people to use the facilities. Programs can also contribute to and integrate with other key council objectives — such as educating the community on the environment, creating a sense of community […]

Cycle network strategy

Developing a cycle network plan will assist council in providing a safe and connected network of facilities in its area. This will in turn encourage more people to cycle for all purposes, including for transport, recreation, utility, education and touring. An integrated cycle strategy can address cycling in all aspects of council planning, as well […]

Travel behaviour change: Active school travel plan

Why change travel behaviour? Forty years ago about 75 per cent of children walked or rode to school, and only 25 per cent were driven or used other means of transport. Today, more than 70 per cent of primary school children are driven to and from school every day. Research by Griffith University (School Travel […]

Public art program

A public art program is not an obvious way to encourage physical activity. However, if it is implemented the right way, it helps make a place more attractive which draws people to an area. Drawing people to an area encourages people to be out and about and at the same time, more physically active. A […]