Local law matters promoting healthy eating

Many of the objectives for healthy people and places can be achieved through measures other than local laws. However, local laws are still used by some councils to regulate food provision. This section provides local government with items to consider for local laws to promote healthy eating. It is recommended that council review existing local […]

Policy: Food availability through Council-operated venues and functions

Council facilities are well placed to provide a significant contribution to promoting health and healthy eating – making the healthy choice the easy choice. Consider establishing corporate policies for healthy catering at: Sporting and recreation facilities (such as swimming pools, sporting grounds and gymnasiums) Sporting, recreation, cultural and other events and festivals, starting with council-run […]

Improving access to and availability of healthy food

Access to supermarkets and local stores The location of supermarkets and local stores influences the variety and competitive pricing of healthy foods. While this may be addressed through the planning scheme, there are policy options for local government to support increased access to healthy foods. These options are likely to be more readily implemented by […]

Local law matters: Commercial use of parks

Definition Commercial recreation activity is any activity conducted wholly or partially for the purpose of sport, entertainment, education, tourism or recreation which is carried out on a commercial basis on public or local government owned land. There has been a significant growth in personal fitness training which is pushing the need for strengthened management of […]