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Case Studies

Way Finding Strategy: Bristol Legible City

Description: Bristol Legible City aimed to make the city more legible for visitors and residents through an innovative and best practice information and way finding strategy. The aims of the project were as follows: link together the diverse parts of the city make attractions better known and easier to find provide the city with identify and […]


Advertising device code

The regulation of signage is seen to have the potential for significant impact on the impulse and desire to purchase unhealthy food. In particular this can be achieved by regulating the: location including on-site signage, billboards, identilights, bus shelters and street furniture dimensions including height level of illumination construction materials type of sign. This code […]

Signage regulation in corporate plans

Why this is important The regulation of signage can affect the desire to purchase fast food. Alcohol advertising has been removed from sporting events and the advertising of cigarettes removed from television and sporting events. Today, there is ongoing community debate about advertising unhealthy foods during children’s television programs. There are many national and international […]