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Case Studies

Los Angeles blocks new fast food outlets

City officials are putting South Los Angeles on a diet. The city council voted unanimously to place a moratorium on new fast food restaurants in an area of the city with a proliferation of eateries and above average rates of obesity. The year-long moratorium is intended to give the city time to attract restaurants that […]


Strategic outcomes that promote healthy eating

The content of the Strategic Outcomes can be linked: upwards to the corporate plan, remembering this is the policy direction of council and where the priorities for operating initiatives and funding are derived; and downwards through the planning scheme, through the purpose of codes and codes themselves. The standard planning scheme provisions for new Planning […]

Local law matters promoting healthy eating

Many of the objectives for healthy people and places can be achieved through measures other than local laws. However, local laws are still used by some councils to regulate food provision. This section provides local government with items to consider for local laws to promote healthy eating. It is recommended that council review existing local […]

Improving access to and availability of healthy food

Access to supermarkets and local stores The location of supermarkets and local stores influences the variety and competitive pricing of healthy foods. While this may be addressed through the planning scheme, there are policy options for local government to support increased access to healthy foods. These options are likely to be more readily implemented by […]

Restricting access to fast foods – Discussion paper

Restricting access to fast foods and takeaway food has been raised by the community as part of the overall discussion relating to the prevention of overweight and obesity. Restricting access to fast foods and takeaway food is also likely to be contentious within the fast food industry, council and the wider community. This section has […]

Limiting access to fast foods in corporate plans

Why this is important The fast pace of life today, combined with easy access to fast food and high exposure to fast food advertising and marketing, means fast foods are often chosen over foods that are prepared at home. Fast foods are often higher in fat, sugar and calories. Evidence from the United States and […]

Healthy grocery stores and markets

Outcome (goal): To increase access to grocery stores and markets that sell affordable fruits and vegetables to improve the health and wellbeing of the community and contribute to a community’s economic development. Individual theme elements Indicator (strategy) High level targets (actions) Attract grocery stores that provide high-quality, healthy, affordable foods to all residents and particularly lower-income […]