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Case Studies

Breastfeeding Promotion Gympie

Breastfeeding Promotion Gympie, a community action group initiated by the local Community Nutritionist, has a focus on engaging the local council to increase the number of parenting facilities and breastfeeding-friendly venues. In the four years they have been established, Breastfeeding Promotion Gympie has had a number of successes. Increased awareness and understanding of councillors and […]


Breastfeeding and baby care in corporate plans

Why this is important A baby-care room is a room that provides facilities for carers to attend to the needs of babies and toddlers, such as breastfeeding, expressing breast milk, feeding fluids and solids, and changing of nappies. Breastfeeding is shown to be the healthiest start for babies, providing greater protection from a range of […]

Strategic outcomes that promote healthy eating

The content of the Strategic Outcomes can be linked: upwards to the corporate plan, remembering this is the policy direction of council and where the priorities for operating initiatives and funding are derived; and downwards through the planning scheme, through the purpose of codes and codes themselves. The standard planning scheme provisions for new Planning […]

Breastfeeding and baby care facilities code

For information on why this code insert should be implemented, as well as supporting strategies that could be undertaken, see Breastfeeding and baby care in the Corporate Plan Tools section of this resource package. Breastfeeding and baby-care facilities are not considered to be a land use in their own right for the Queensland Planning Provisions, they are likely to […]