This resource package contains suggested corporate plan goals on healthy living, objectives and strategies to achieve these goals, and supporting information on how to implement each strategy.

In the How to Plan section go to Community Planning for information on how to community plans can also be used to practically inform the local government’s corporate plan.  The go to Corporate Planning where you can select the healthy living goals to suit your local government, and the corresponding objectives and strategies to achieve the goals. Then go to Operational Planning, Planning Scheme Tools, Local laws and Policy Matters and GIS/Analysis sections for practical information on how to implement the strategies. The Funding and Award Opportunities section includes information on funding and award opportunities.

Many councils already provide a range of services that promote healthy living. Examples of this great work is available in the Case Studies section which are arranged under different health topics and categories.

All elements of this resource package are optional, and each may be partially or fully implemented. Not all elements will be useful in every council as quite often matters come down to political, planning and policy leadership and community expectations. Priorities will also vary from council to council.