Neighbourhood planning: Active communities checklist

A checklist for neighbourhood planning in new developments has been developed to assist council officers and developers. The checklist helps to ensure officers have considered all elements associated with the provision of active communities. The checklist has been developed instead of a code due to the differences between council planning scheme structures, which makes it difficult to adopt and implement an Active Communities Code. The criteria and standards may instead need to be inserted into various codes. Council can use the components in this checklist to assist in drafting a code suited to their local needs.

For more information on why these components should be implemented into the planning scheme, see Corporate Plan, Neighbourhood Planning.

The checklist has been adapted from Ontario Municipal Draft Checklist for planners to design active communities. (Bergeron, Franklin & Levesque 2007)

For a copy of the checklist please click here.

Other resources

  • Developer’s Checklist: The Premier’s Council for Active Living in NSW has released a Developer’s Checklist to assist developers who wish to include urban design factors that promote active living. Click here for the resource.
  • Development Applications Resource: The Premier’s Council for Active Living in NSW has prepared a Development and Active Living Resource on urban design factors that will promote active living in your development. Click here for the resource.
  • Why Active Living Statement: NSW has launched a Why Active Living Statement detailing the health, economic, environmental and social benefits of active living. Click here for the Statement.
  • Planning and Design Guidelines: Designing Places for Active Living contains design considerations for individual and community health and wellbeing, meeting multiple health, environmental and social objectives. The resource is divided into the following design focus areas:
    • Cities, towns and neighbourhoods
    • Walking and cycling routes
    • Public transport
    • Streets
    • Open Space
    • Retail areas
    • Workplaces

Click here to go to the resource.

  • Healthy Urban Development Checklist: provides  feedback on the broad range of health issues in relation to urban development plans and proposals.Click here for the resource.

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