Healthy eating in corporate plans

Overall goal – Healthy places for healthy eating

The City, Shire, Council <select one> is a healthy and safe place for residents and visitors alike.

Overall objectives – Healthy places for healthy eating

  1. A healthier community through increased awareness of health issues and solutions
  2. Develop partnerships and build community capacity through gardening and environmental projects
  3. Develop a diverse range of healthy eating venues, events and locations and support healthy eating venues, events and suppliers (such as roadside stalls, local stores, grocery stores, markets)
  4. Improve access to food retail (from supermarkets and specialty stores to farmers markets) through infrastructure and transport options that offer choice, affordability and accessibility and meet the needs of the community
  5. Improve access to healthy food for at-risk groups through safe connectivity between residential areas and retail food outlets
  6. Promote breastfeeding and support access to baby-care rooms and breastfeeding-friendly places
  7. Improve community understanding of and access to healthy eating and food choices by supporting sustainable food initiatives such as:
    • community gardens
    • farmers’ markets and fresh produce markets
    • school gardens
    • home food production
    • food co-operatives
    • ecologically sustainable farming practices, including organic, low water and low carbon emission practices
    • city farms
  8. Provide incentives for healthy food supply and limit access and exposure to unhealthy food through food licensing and signage regulation
  9. Promote and support community actions and farming practices that are sustainable, provide environmental education opportunities, reduce food miles, increase food security and reduce the local carbon footprint
  10. Provide a consistent healthy eating message across council facilities and events
  11. Protect agricultural land from subdivision and inappropriate development
  12. Strategically acquire land (or designate existing council land) for community farming facilities.
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