School and workplace environments

Outcome (goal): To increase active healthy living by improving opportunities in the school and work community environment.

Individual theme elements Indicator (strategy) High level targets (actions)
Facilitate joint-use agreements
  • Work with Education Queensland to enable residents to use school facilities for physical activity and cooking-skills programs, and students and faculty to use community facilities.
  • Work with Education Queensland, instructors, community members and volunteers to develop clear standards for the care and use of school equipment and facilities, including programs and funding for training on the equipment.
Support Travel Smart Schools
  • Provide safe and active routes to school in collaboration with Education Queensland, parents and local agencies.
  • Support walking and cycling to school programs.
  • Apply for funding to support the integration of safe cycling and walking on streets within 1.6km of schools (click here).
  • Use mapping and/or survey tools to assess the feasibility of routes and to identify problem areas
  • Develop and coordinate walk-to-school routes with engineering and public works departments in council.
  • Work with Education Queensland and community members interested in developing school walking routes and convene a jurisdiction-wide meeting of parent groups, school and transport officials, community leaders and local police.
  • Adopt infrastructure improvements as part of their capital improvement plans.
Support active and healthy living around the workplace
  • Set an example in council workplaces by implementing policies and programs such as:
    • encouraging active commuting (e.g. end-of-trip facilities) and discourage car use (e.g. by not giving staff a work car)
    • providing opportunities for physical activity at the worksite (e.g. fitness programs, showers and changing rooms, walking groups, supporting sport clubs and introducing competitions)
    • providing subsidies for employees to use local facilities
    • encouraging stair climbing by keeping stairs clean and unlocked and posting signs
    • providing flexible work hours
    • providing opportunities for breastfeeding at the worksite (e.g. accredited baby-care facility and policies that include lactation breaks)
    • encouraging healthy food and drinks through healthy catering for all council events and meetings and providing healthy options in vending machines and onsite-cafeterias/cafes.
    • encouraging use of healthy food and drink options or physical activity-related merchandise for fundraising strategies.
  • Publicly recognise employers and businesses that provide opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating (e.g. breastfeeding, healthy catering policies, healthy vending machines and onsite-cafeterias) for their employees, clients, retirees and families.
  • Provide and promote active safe routes to work that encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport.
  • Design urban environments that locate workplaces and businesses in mixed-use neighbourhoods or close to public transport.
  • Apply for funding to support the integration of safe cycling and walking on streets within 1.6km of town centres (click here).
  • Amend the Planning Scheme to include mixed-use development and the location of attractors near public transport.
  • Set a good example to citizens by planning and locating council facilities and offices in ways that deter car dependence and encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport.
  • Prepare and implement a Healthy Workplace Plan.
  • Prepare and implement a Healthy Catering Policy (click here).
  • Prepare and implement a breastfeeding at work policy (link), and seek workplace accreditation (click here).