Healthy grocery stores and markets

Outcome (goal): To increase access to grocery stores and markets that sell affordable fruits and vegetables to improve the health and wellbeing of the community and contribute to a community’s economic development.

Individual theme elements Indicator (strategy) High level targets (actions)
Attract grocery stores that provide high-quality, healthy, affordable foods to all residents and particularly lower-income families
  • Incorporate the identification of grocery stores as important considerations for developing and redeveloping neighbourhoods into Planning Scheme, so
    • during the review and negotiation process for planned unit developments and mixed-use development proposals within commercial zones, possibilities for including food retail are considered
    • shared parking options for grocery stores and other property owners are considered.
  • Relax zoning requirements that make it difficult for supermarkets to move into densely populated urban and rural areas.
  • Provide parking subsidies for supermarkets.
  • Implement policies that ensure recently closed grocery stores can be replaced by another one as quickly as possible.
  • Engage in public-private partnerships with developers to identify and assemble parcels of land to be developed for grocery retail.
  • Partner with not-for-profit organisations that provide loans, grants and technical assistance to provide incentives to supermarkets to relocate in lower-income areas.
  • Help facilitate negotiations among grocery stores and land owners.
  • Assess transport needs in areas with a high concentration of residents without vehicles to determine if additional transport options are needed.
  • Review the Planning Scheme to include considerations for grocery stores.
  • Use geographic information system mapping to determine the location of fresh food outlets in the local government area (click here).
Balance access to unhealthy foods and drinks
  • Restrict the advertising of unhealthy fast food and drinks.
  • Restrict access to unhealthy fast food and drinks.


  • Adopt a signage and advertising devices code in the Planning Scheme (click here).
  • Use geographic information system mapping to determine the location of fresh food and fast food outlets in the local government area (click here).
  • Adopt a policy in the Planning Scheme to minimise exposure to unhealthy fast food and drinks (click here).