Farm-fresh local foods

Outcome (goal): To increase the availability of fresh, local fruits and vegetables for residents while supporting rural and urban economies, and providing a space for neighbours to socialise.

Individual theme elements Indicator (strategy) High level targets (actions)
Support farmers’ markets
  • Develop a local law that outlines rules and regulations that govern farmers’ markets.
  • Dedicate council staff to manage the markets and/or develop a local farmers’ market commission and/or advisory board.
  • Support underserved communities and local farmers by providing incentives, grants and subsidies to create farmers’ markets in those areas.
  • Support farmers’ markets by assisting in their development, promotion and accreditation.
  • Support local farmers’ markets by designating public land for markets and providing logistical support, such as traffic control and cleanup (click here).
  • Provide additional support in the form of a steering committee, dedicated staff positions, a centralised source of support within the city administration, or policies that encourage the growth of new markets.
  • Review Local Laws to ensure they support farmers’ markets (click here).
Support community gardens and other urban agriculture
  • Convert neglected areas into green spaces that can be used for community gardens and city farms.
  • Provide grants and support for urban agriculture schemes.
  • Partner with private land owners to buy/lease unused land for community gardens and promote and protect community gardens through resolutions, land-use plans or zoning ordinances.
  • Promote gardens by providing resources to not-for-profit groups who run community gardens, reducing or waiving plot fees or locating the gardens within walking distance of lower-income neighbourhoods (click here).
  • Start an initiative to redevelop and clean up vacant land that can be transformed into community gardens.
  • Adopt community garden codes into the Planning Scheme (click here).
  • Recruit existing community groups and networks to promote and support community gardens.
Support the procurement of locally grown food
  • Encourage procurement policies that favour local, healthy foods at council-supported facilities, cafeterias, events, etc. (Also consider a resolution that supports small farms and direct farm-to-council relationships.)
  • Support farm-to-cafeteria opportunities, farmers’ markets and other regional food initiatives.
  • Adopt a council healthy catering and procurement policy (click here).
  • Work with schools as well as local supermarkets and restaurants to develop a food distribution plan that incorporates local, farm-fresh produce in school cafeterias, restaurants, supermarkets and other entities.
  • Adopt community-supported local food systems and agriculture policy (click here).