Community safety and crime prevention

Outcome (goal): To improve community safety and residents’ perceptions of safety in their communities so that children and families become more active and healthy.

Individual theme elements Indicator (strategy) High level targets (actions)
Keep communities safe and free from crime to encourage outdoor activity
  • Support Travel Smart programs
  • Adopt community design strategies that discourage crime, including ensuring safe, attractive walking environments by providing appropriate lighting, building design features that promote eyes on the street (such as front porches and active storefronts with windows overlooking sidewalks), and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and streets.
  • Collaborate with different departments, agencies and community groups, including public health, housing, economic development, law enforcement, community-based organisations and schools to maximise resources and increase effectiveness of crime prevention plans.
  • Partner with community members and schools to create safe routes to school and other school safety programs.
  • Adopt a Crime Prevention through Environmental Design policy.