Public Parks Strategy: Ipswich City Council

Ipswich City Council has a comprehensive Public Parks Strategy which identified Desired Standards of Service, priorities and opportunities for park provision and development in Ipswich. It includes calculations of rates for Developer Contributions based on updated population projections, spatial distribution of population growth and specific purpose recreational studies. Adherence to the spatial and quality standards outlined in this document will enable recreation and sporting opportunities to be provided in line with population growth.

The intention of the strategy is to achieve overall community outcomes on recreation (both active and passive) including:

  • Contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community
  • Provide the community with equitable and convenient access to a diverse range of recreational experiences
  • Provide parks that will meet multiple-user requirements for recreational and social activities (with capacity for change to accommodate differing activities over time)
  • Ensure a range of public parks are provided so that an array of settings and experiences (both in hierarchy and function) can be enjoyed by the community
  • Ensure sufficient land (both in hierarchy and function) is identified and protected to meet the needs of the future population of this fast growing area (again with capacity for change to accommodate differing activities over time)
  • Provide public parks considering any risks, safety, function, life cycle costs, economic loss or periods of lost access (such as flooding)
  • Ensure safe connectivity between public parks infrastructure, including to surrounding residential areas.

The strategy is a good starting point for preparation for priority infrastructure plans. It recommends a network planning methodology, hierarchy of open space areas, benchmarks, desired standards of service, cost apportionment methodology and inputs for the local government authority’s infrastructure charges schedules.


Ipswich City Council 2007, Ipswich Public Parks Strategy, [Online] Available at: