Use of parks by commercial fitness trainers

There is a growing demand for the use of council parks and reserves to conduct personal fitness training for individuals and small groups. This demand has highlighted the need for a policy to regulate the use of the parks and reserves for this purpose. At the City of Canterbury, New South Wales the Policy on the use of parks and reserves by commercial fitness groups and personal trainers has been developed to meet this need.

Policy highlights:
  • Activities must only operate in the areas and at times specified by council
  • Activities do not infringe on the general public’s rights of access and enjoyment, and do not interfere with the amenity of local residents in the vicinity of parks or reserves
  • Activities do not interfere with any activity approved or booked by council, and fitness trainers acknowledge such bookings have priority over the trainer’s use
  • No music or amplified sound system will be used as part of the training activity without council’s specific approval.