Hervey Bay Living Streets: Walking and cycling plan

Description: Hervey Bay City Council (now Fraser Coast Regional Council) commissioned this strategy to develop a walking and cycling plan for the local government area. The vision of Living Streets is for streets and parks to become alive with people along with a reduction in the predominance of the motor vehicles. The integrated strategy addressed infrastructure provision through development of a network plan and supporting strategies. Strategies included: Education and Enforcement; Encouragement; Planning; and, Integration with other Council activities. An action plan was developed identifying responsibilities, priorities and potential funding sources. The network plan was prioritised through a detailed process which enabled the development of a capital works program.


Council officers have been successful in implementing the Strategy. Some of the initiatives implemented include:

  • Sponsorship of the Ride2School day event and contribution towards a secure bicycle parking compound at the local high school
  • Preparation of a Living Streets brochure for existing and new residents
  • Ongoing commitment to its implementation in the operational plan budget
  • Preparation of a walk and cycle map for residents and tourists
  • Implementation of further stages of the “Links Corridor” and other network components
  • Support for the development of a bicycle user group
  • Incorporation of key principles into the planning scheme and corporate plan
  • Training sessions conducted with all council staff and customer service officers
  • Regular usage counts undertaken of major pathways in the shire
  • 10000 steps program implemented for Council officers
  • Improvements to centres through streetscaping works, incorporating lower speeds, landscaping, pedestrian facilities and narrower streets

Lessons learnt

  • Ownership of the Strategy by council officers from all sections is important for the success of the plan
  • Networking and providing information to local Councillors was also an important aspect to its successful implementation
  • The development of a Bicycle User Group has also been successful in the continual advocacy of council to implement the plan.
  • Partnerships formed with implementation agencies important to its success