Way Finding Strategy: Bristol Legible City

Description: Bristol Legible City aimed to make the city more legible for visitors and residents through an innovative and best practice information and way finding strategy. The aims of the project were as follows:

  • link together the diverse parts of the city
  • make attractions better known and easier to find
  • provide the city with identify and reinforce the character of individual precincts
  • encourage a shift towards public transport

The program included:

  • directional signs – designed to encourage pedestrian and aid way finding
  • street information panels with city and area maps – for the user to identify where they are and help them plan their journey by a combination of maps and text. Maps are oriented towards the direction they are looking and 3D building dimensions are included that people can recognise
  • printed walking maps
  • visitor information identify and arts projects.


  • won two awards for innovation
  • attracts business to the city and creates the right impression for visitors
  • adds visual interest and residents have a sense of pride in the place
  • reduction of clutter on the streets


The next phase of the project is to introduce signage to reduce car traffic and pollution. This phase will include signage to discourage through traffic and improve access to attractions. It also proposes to implement signs to make it easier to access public transport


Case Study: Bristol Legible City