Brisbane Bicycle Parking

Description: Brisbane City Council is implementing a range of public bicycle parking initiatives to better serve the cyclists of Brisbane. Initiatives include:

  • Bicycle racks – provided at over 200 locations around Brisbane
  • Bicycle shelters – shared closed bike cages for storing bicycles implemented at public transport interchanges and shopping centres across Brisbane to improve bicycle security and help reduce local traffic congestion and car parking demand
  • Cyclepods – sheltered bicycle parking security for up to eight bicycles, and allows users to lock their bicycle in three places – the frame and both wheels. These are provided at eight locations around Brisbane.
  • King George Square Cycle Centre – the first of its kind in Australia. It was delivered as part of the King George Square busway station on the Inner Northern Busway in the CBD. Funded by Brisbane City Council and Department of Transport and Main Roads, a private company fit2work now manages the facility. It is available for use on a casual basis or as a member, on a fee for service basis (approximately $5 a day). Features include: 420 individual bicycle racks, male and female change rooms with a total of 35 showers, lockers, fresh towels daily, ironing/laundry service and excellent security. The centre, known as Cycle2City, opened in June 2008 and has been developing a regular clientele.

Lessons learnt:

  • Political support is important to implementing innovative measures to improve cycling
  • The location of bicycle parking is crucial – needs to be as close to the final destination as possible and in a visible location to encourage use. It is also important to market these facilities to the target market
  • The cost of these services is an important factor in encouraging use – ideally it needs to be free.

Case Study: Brisbane Bicycle ParkingCase Study: Brisbane Bicycle Parking