Active Roma: Supporting the community to get active

Description: Active Roma is a joint partnership between Roma Regional Council and Queensland Health. Active Roma also has representatives from Australian Sports Commission and Department of Communities. The aim of the program is to inspire a healthy, active Roma community through supporting residents to make healthy lifestyle choices including physical activity.


In July 2007, a partnership agreement was signed between Roma Regional Council and Queensland Health. The desired outcomes of this partnership are: Coordination of initiatives and resources which support active living; and enhanced alignment of each agency’s strategies, policies and priorities in relation to active living. All parties are committed to working with the Roma community to enhance wellbeing. This will be achieved through ongoing, collaborative, effective working relationships across appropriate levels in the respective organisations to ensure complementary work programmes and implementation of initiatives. A strategic plan, Active Roma 2006-2008 was also developed and is currently being implemented. This document may be made available by contacting the Roma Regional Council.

Programs implemented

Over the past twelve months Active Roma has delivered many valuable community events associated with active and healthy living and have just completed an extensive community consultation process which will assist them in the planning and coordination of future projects.

Examples of implemented projects

Youth Leadership Day; Active Kids Expo; Active Parks Days; Active Roma Pool Party; Walking brochure; Website; Purchase of equipment such as Port-a-Bowl and Disc Golf.

Case study: Active Roma


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