10,000 Steps Walking Program

Description: The 10,000 Steps program aims to increase the day-to-day activity of Queenslanders by encouraging the accumulation of “incidental” physical activity through walking as part of everyday living. Significant health and wellbeing benefits can be made simply by moving more every day. 10,000 Steps is a free program that encourages participants to use a step-counting pedometer to track daily activity levels. The pedometer provides motivation to make active choices throughout every day and provides immediate feedback on the users’ accumulation of physical activity throughout the day.


The walking program started as a whole-of-community project in 2001 entitled “10,000 Steps Rockhampton”. The original project, funded by Queensland Health, was a collaborative effort between the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Sports Medicine Australia, the National Heart Foundation and Central Queensland University. It aimed to establish a sustainable model to increase physical activity at a community level. The initial program has been refined and is now available on the Internet.