Shopping Survey: improving access to retail choice in Etheridge

One way of strengthening a local economy is by supporting local businesses.  Etheridge Shire Council located in Queensland’s gulf country and with a population of 1,000 has recognised that supporting local business may also help lower prices at shops and increase variety. Having retail variety is also recognised as a potential attraction or retention point for local businesses.

The community made a conscious effort to retain local shopping choice, through the trucking in of grocery products and initiating The Shopping Survey for Economic Leakage which was conducted in 2007.

This survey asked ‘how residents do their local shopping’, and ‘why residents may shop in Townsville or Cairns or elsewhere’. The survey was significant in that it was a whole of community survey on local resident’s shopping habits, rather than a single business survey.

The results of the survey continue to be used by Etheridge Shire Council to formulate policy and economic strategies.


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