How to market healthy foods to make a profit

Marketing is getting the right product in the right place at the right time at the right price using the right promotion to attract customers who will buy. Getting it right can add a real boost to your sales of healthy foods. Here are some ideas to make your marketing a success:
  1. Get your customers interested and involved – conduct a survey to find out what healthy foods customers would like and how satisfied they are with the current choices. Run a competition to name some of the choices available.
  2. Product – make healthy choices available that you know customers prefer and want to buy. Contact food suppliers to see what healthy foods are available and are selling.
  3. Place – create a positive image for the food outlet such as a vibrant colourful menu showing lots of healthy foods and moving the healthy choices to eye level and in easy reach.
  4. Price – set the price to sell and keep it simple eg. $3.50 instead of $3.49. Customers will compare the price with what they will pay for it elsewhere.
  5. Promotion – promote the healthy choices with posters, taste testings, stickers or labels on products or shelves, specials and table talkers.


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