Food for Sport: making healthy food available in sports clubs

Food for Sport: A Guide to Healthy Food and Drink Supply in Sporting Clubs aims to make nutritious foods and drinks available, prominent and promoted in sports clubs in Queensland, and applies to all methods of food and drink provision including canteens, vending machines, mobile food carts and fundraising. This strategy is voluntary for all sports clubs in Queensland.
Food for Sport is based on the Dietary Guidelines for Australians, and classifies foods and drinks into three broad categories:
GREEN ‘provide plenty’ – Encourage and promote fruit, vegetables, wholegrain breads and cereals, reduced-fat milk, yoghurt and cheese, lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and water.  Aim for at least 50 per cent of foods and drinks from the green category.
AMBER ‘choose carefully’ – Do not let these foods and drinks dominate the choices. Aim for a maximum of 30 per cent of food and drinks, including: fruit juice, full-fat dairy products, reduced fat meat pies and sausage rolls, plain muffins and slices.
RED ‘limit’ – Limit these foods and drinks. Aim for a maximum of 20 per cent of foods and drinks, including: full-fat pies and pastries, deep fried foods, crisps, chocolate and lollies, soft drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks.