Community Food Assessments: Bundaberg

A Community Food Assessment (CFA) aims to present a clear picture of what types of healthy eating initiatives or policy changes are needed to improve the community’s physical and economic access to healthy food, by collecting information about the local food system and informing about the community’s food security.

Complementary to the approach outlined above, a group of Queensland nutritionists developed tools to measure the determinants of a community’s food security:

  1. socio-demographic characteristics;
  2. cost and availability of food in supermarkets and other food outlets;
  3. access to food including number and location of food outlets and public transport connectivity; and
  4. local food production, manufacturing and distribution.

The outputs included a range of tables and maps that displayed each of the determinants of community food security, for example the number of each food outlet type in the local government area, and the location of supermarkets and public transport routes in relation to residential areas.  This environmental data was supported by quotes from key community organisations.

Between 2007 and 2009, CFAs were conducted in Bundaberg, Cooloola (excluding Gympie) and Zillmere and surrounds with the results indicating the extent to which the communities support of healthy eating and leading to recommendations for strategies that local councils, community organisations and the residents themselves could implement to achieve an active, healthy community.